Monday, October 8, 2012

Hot and Married: Can a Woman Be Married AND Fashionable?

Should there be a difference in dress between married women and single women? I stumbled upon this online discussion, and raised unsurprised eyebrows as many of the ladies retorted something to the likes of  “but of course. “ The general consensus of the discussion relayed the message that single women wanting to attract men needed to ensure they looked fabulous at all times. There was no description of what fabulous looked like exactly, but nevertheless, they (single women) needed to coyly convey that they were available. Married women? Well, not so much. Maybe, just maybe, “mom jeans” are o.k. for them I balked at the notion, yet I was slightly intrigued.  

I am a fashion-loving single woman in my 20s who have no plans of losing my sense of style once marriage and baby(ies) come along. While I do believe that there will be lifestyle changes that will call for adjustments, I don’t subscribe to the notion that those adjustments must include the “mom jeans” singled out as the clothes of choice for married women.Being married doesn’t mean I’ll suddenly lose my sense of style and morph into the dowdy wife. Even if that’s the general consensus, I challenge the underlying assumption that as women we dress only to impress men and not to express ourselves.

But even if impressing men is apart of how we dress, are husbands not worthy of being wowed by a well-put together wives? Don’t married men and women try to present their best selves (including their best dressed selves) to their spouses? Thankfully there are plenty of married women who’ve denied the notion that being married calls for dowdy dress (our First Lady comes to mind). I think it’s totally possible to be stylish and married and scoff at the notion that our marital status should define our style.  Hot and married? Hey, why not!

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