Saturday, February 16, 2013

Personal Style: Blazers

While I do enjoy wearing some trends, there are certain aspects about my personal style that remain the same despite current trends. It's quiet accurate to say that I live in blazers. I will wear a blazer with anything - skirts, jeans and t-shirt, shorts, skirts, dress- you name it, I've worn a blazer with it. In fact, sometimes I feel that an outfit isn't compete without it. Blazers are such a great way to dress up any look, because they instantly add a touch of sophistication even if you're just wearing jeans and sneakers. 

Is there any part of your personal style that doesn't change regardless of the trends?


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ssshhh...It's A Secret

Happy Valentine's Day Chicstars!!! Thought this would be the perfect post to re-visit today.  
Today marks one year, six months and one day since I married the love of my life Vince. It has been a year filled with love, laughter, and many adjustments. There are so many books, articles, and seminars on having a happy marriage. So what’s the secret? Is it money? Marrying your best friend? Sex? No... I’m afraid not. While all these factors are helpful, at the end of the day the secret is.... drum roll please…hard work. Period. Here are some lessons I have learned that I hope will encourage both the single and married folks.
*He is my number one Fan: I realize this more and more from breakfast in bed when he knows I just want to laze around in bed, to putting gas in my car because he knows I hate the smell of gasoline. To be able to just lean on him and know that I can trust him because he loves me deeply is priceless. He tells me the truth...the hard stuff that I don't want to hear that makes me reflect and grow as an individual.
*Prayer Changes Him: I’m not sure why I ever thought I could change my husband’s bad habits but I could talk until I’m blue and He’ll try for a couple of days then forget lol I’m so glad that I learned the power of praying for my husband, I’m truly amazed at how God is transforming him into the man He created him to be, not neccesarily who I want him to be because God ALWAYS knows best!

* Laughter is Medicine: it’s really hard to remain mad at each other if your constantly laughinh. For example when Vince and I are arguing all it takes is a poke in his side and he’s defenseless (sorry babe for putting your business out there lol) or he’ll pick me up and flip me over his shoulder caveman style and all and it’s a wrap. In our marriage you see a lot of teeth because usually we are always laughing at something.

* Men and women are different: DING! DING! DING! you might be like duh..but seriously you really don’t realize how much until your married. Women and men see and feel things differently so embrace your differences, I wouldn’t want to be married to myself so don’t try to create your twin. The very things that annoy me sometimes about Vince are the same things that attracted me to him in the first place...funny how that works. I wouldn’t trade what we are building for anything

* Speak Life: Words are truly powerful it can build up or destroy. So speak life into your relationship, I tend to say things like “babe you always…babe you never”whenever there is a disagreement. So slow down, I literally have to practice taking a deep breath in the heat of the moment and in the end its finding words of love, encouragement, and sincerity that creates a safe place where you can be completely free to be you

* Joy comes in the morning: Whenever Vince and I argue usually he will want to wait until the next day to discuss it while I want to get it solved and resolved now, well I’ve tried it his way and guess what I’m much calmer when I wake up and it never seem as bad as it was the day before…so word of advice sometimes just sleep on it!

* Marriage Does Not Equal Your Transformation: This is one of the most profound lessons. It really is easy to get caught up in everything and think well when I am married I’ll do this, that, and the next. However, if you are not a happy individual you’re not all of a sudden going to become a ray of sunshine when you say I do. The only one who can transform you is God so don’t put such a tremendous responsibility on your husband, it is a guarantee that he will fail. Let God do what only He alone is capable of.

*Aim to please: There is a negative connotation associated with pleasing a man. I completely agree with that if you’re going out of your way in a dating relationship, however when he becomes husband don’t fall apart because you have a ring still cook his favorite food, wear his favorite perfume, do things that you know he loves. I don’t get caught up on the numbers on a scale or dress sizes but be healthy. I love pleasing my husband. There is no shame in my game:)

* Maintain your standards: Just as how you have certain standards and expectations in your dating relationship, create ones for your marriage. I live for surprises… I loveeee it! When Vince and I were dating he had to work hard at coming up with different adventurers for me because according to him he is not romantic by nature, so he thought that once we were married the surprise scould stop. So I kindly reminded him of my expectations (he is doing an amazing job by the way) 

*DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF: Need I say more…life is too short so enjoy each other. finished!

I know there are so many more things to learn and overcome but with God’s grace this is a love for a lifetime. Marriage is definitely hard work but guess what? Making up is always oh so sweet ;)

He Makes Beautiful Things

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Confession List: Speaking Positively

The Confession List

I love to start my day listening to words of inspiration so usually in the mornings on my way to work , I listen to an inspirational and uplifting podcast. Yesterday, as I listened to a message by Joyce Meyer, she mentioned the value in having a confession list. This is not your typical confession where you are asking for forgiveness or seeking reprieve for wrongs you committed.

This list is different.  It is a list where you write down positive assertions for your life then declare them out loud (or confess) daily. For example, your list could include some of the following confessions:

“I am fearfully and wonderfully made”
“I am victorious”
“The joy of the Lord is my strength.”

What a wonderful idea! I believe wholeheartedly in the creative power of words.  The things we say about and to ourselves can (and often do) become our reality. Why not speak words of encouragement, boldness and victory. Why not make those declarations a part of our daily lives?
I have already decided to create a confession list, will you join me?  


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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Just Drink: Healthy Eating

Ok Chicstars, go back a few moments in time with me... I was in the sixth grade in the cafeteria. I remember my friends and I getting our lunch and for the first time I really took notice of the three types of milk being offered: whole, 2%, and fat free. Immediately I turned to my friend and said excitedly "we should drink the fat free milk because I'm sure it's better for us!" Lol ever since then I always find myself giving advice and tips. Wellness is a passion of mine, I can spend hours researching, reading, and discussing health related topics. I have never been motivated by weight because thankfully it has never been something I've had to worry about, other than the few years in middle & high school where I just felt skinny, tall, & lanky... Thank God that passed however, just as I feel that inner beauty is so much more precious than physical appearance I always strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle and educate myself because you can be the “right” size and be extremely unhealthy. I'll have many more posts on health but here are a few tips on what I think you should consider when it comes to your drinking habits.

  • Read your ingredients...if you do not recognize the contents DON’T drink it until you research it

  • Incorporate green smoothies and fresh juices in your diet

  • Avoid all drinks containing high fructose corn syrup

  • Cut back, if you drink six cans of soda per week cut it in half and start drinking only three

  • Always chsose 100 % juice

  • The most important tip I can give you is drink more water, I know this is redundant but it is absolutely a move that will have you seeing a tremendous difference in the way you feel and your overall health the fastest. By all means get addicted to water and make it your best friend;) just drink!

Here are some great resources that will help you as you make healthier choices cheers!

He Makes Beautiful Things,

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Something Like Art

Hey Chicstars!

It's so hot in L.A. it may as well be summer, not that I'm complaining, I love warm weather. 

I fell in love with this shirt when I saw it in one of my favorite consignment stores in NY, because it reminds me of abstract art. I love art and enjoy visiting museums. The next couple of weeks will be very busy for me, but I am looking forward to exploring L.A.,'s museums once I have more free time.

This weekend has been one of work and relaxation at home. I am not normally a homebody. In fact, staying home bores me, but I do carve out me time every once in awhile. It's necessary to rejuvenate.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Shoes: via L.A. Fashion District
Top: purchased at Buffalo Exchange in NY
Jeans: Random Brand