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Born and raised in Jamaica, Nika is an island girl at heart. In college she lived in the diverse and dynamic city of New York and has been in love with it ever since. Nika especially has a soft spot for Brooklyn. Living in New York played a large part in shaping the woman Nika is today. She enjoys art, music of various genres, fashion, travelling, discussing social issues and spending time out of the house (she’s by no a homebody). Nika is passionate about social issues and is a recent law school graduate. Nika recently moved cross country and now resides in Los Angeles. 

Nicole has been living in South Florida for the past ten years.  She enjoys cooking, traveling, photography, spending time with family and close friends, and expanding her knowledge about healthy living including proper diet and exercise. She is a newly wed who recently celebrated her one year wedding anniversary with the love of her life. Nicole loves the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and credits Him for all her blessings. She believes that laughter is truly medicine for the soul but  has not perfected the art of comedy as yet, only her husband laughs at her jokes:)

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