Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My trip to Napa Valley

Part of living the "Cultivated Chic" life is making time to do what you love. If you can't do the things you love all of the time, do it some of the time. As I said in the "About Me" section, I am not a homebody. I enjoy going out, visiting new places and connecting with people. It's funny, because all the personality tests that I've taken say that I am an introvert. I call myself a social introvert.  I truly enjoy socializing and social activities so long as I have sufficient "me time."

Last weekend I visited my friend in San Francisco and she along with her friends took me to Napa Valley. Since I moved to L.A., I've been having a blast exploring the city and have been looking forward to exploring other areas in California.

In two words Napa Valley is breathtakingly beautiful.  It is the second place I'e visited in the United States where I've exclaimed "I want to get married here," (the first place was Martha's Vineyard). It's so picturesque. The place is literally God's masterpiece.

I had a blast in Napa. Here are some photos from my trip:

We visited two wineries at Napa, we first visited The Black Stallion where we enjoyed red and white wines

Next we visited Domaine Chandon, this winery is a champagne lover's dream

Napa Art

I had a fantastic time!


Monday, March 18, 2013

Picture Perfect: What I Wore to My Friend's Wedding

Ever had one of those days where everything felt absolutely perfect?? Yesterday I attended a friend's wedding and that is what it felt like, the bride was stunning, the venue gorgeous, and the weather beautiful. I love taking pictures because it allows you to freeze those special moments in time, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

I wore a beautiful blush pink dress to and decided to pair it with nude shoes and gold accessories...unfortunately I completely forgot to take pics of the shoes( forgive me) lol Remember to capture those moments in your life that are beautiful, breathtaking, and perfect...sometimes it makes all the difference on a rainy day:)

He Makes Beautiful Things,

Monday, March 11, 2013

Keep the Faith

This is one of my go to songs from the 116 Clique when I'm feeling down and discouraged this is on repeat...the title says it all Keep the Faith!

He Makes Beautiful Things

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of: Going After Your Dreams Tenaciously

“Whoever you are, whatever your dream, you have to be strong in your head and strong in your heart. Be strong. There's no quitting in the person who wants it bad enough.“ –Carly Patterson (gymnast, 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist)

Some of the key recipes to fulfilling your dreams are drive, determination and courage. Without these three, your dreams can easily fall by the wayside. It’s common to come up against obstacles on the road toward fulfilling your dreams. You will be faced with tests, trials, and tribulations. Most likely you will shed tears. There will be days where you’ll feel that you cannot go on or that throwing in the towel is your best option. But even if you to take a moment to rest, gather your strength or build your courage, the key is to keep striving.

It is in those moments where you feel that you cannot move forward that you will need to pull on your drive, determination and courage. Often this requires you to make a decision to face roadblocks boldly, seek clarity about the steps you need to take or tweak your goal achievement strategies.  I do believe that dream achievers are those people who decide to do whatever it takes within reason to create their dreams.

It’s motivational to hear or read stories about people who’ve successfully achieved their dreams and goals. Almost always, weaved within those stories are life lessons about the strength to face and overcome tremendous obstacles. I’ve noticed that one of the key themes in many a success story, is the will and determination to keep on going in spite of the curve balls and roadblocks that come your way. Even when they fell, these people nurse their wounds, got up and moved forward. It’s not that they did not fail (some failed many times) during the journey, it’s that they persevered in response to failures.
So how are you going about fulfilling your dreams? Are you backing down in response to roadblock and failures or are you using your drive, determination and courage to get you through?

I Encourage You to Keep Striving!


Sunday, March 3, 2013

All Bow Everything: Fashion + Bows

This Spring is all about bows, and I love it. While bows do remind me of the ribbons I wore in my  childhood, you can easily wear the trend in a way that is all grownup and sophisticated.   It's also a great way to add a touch of playful femininity to celebrate the new beginnings of Spring.  I believe that accessories are the items of choice in wearing the bow trend. There are tons of great necklaces, bracelets, shoes and bags to choose from. 

 Right now I am completely in love with these bow detail shoes from Kate  Spade, aren't they gorgeous? 

Add a touch of bow to your outfits.

While I do prefer bow accessories, this dress incorporates the bow beautifully. 

What do you think about the bow trend?