Sunday, November 4, 2012

Head Over Heels


Hey Chicstars!
Have you ever just fallen completely and utterly in love?? Well that's what happened to me and let's call her "Blue." Our story began in September, I saw this really pretty coral peplum dress online and I thought this would be the perfect dress for my hubby’s birthday. I decided I wanted to pair it blue heels. So I went to the mall and the second store I went to...I saw her she was suede, royal blue with a silver platform and 5inch heel. Even without trying on Blue, I knew that she was the one. I took her home anticipating her debut in October.

The day finally arrives and I am getting ready and I slip her on, I go prancing around and I start to wobble a little and I think “Nicole seriously you can’t walk in 5inches?”Because the alternative would be something is wrong with my shoes and I refused to accept the possibility, not only was I not home but Blue was it… my heart was set on wearing her! So I finished getting ready looking real cute and literally a step away from falling on my butt. I was angry by this time I felt so betrayed but my hubby finally convinced me to change shoes, so I slipped on the only other pair that I had with gray pumps. Well “Gray” stepped up to the plate and we had a blast!!!

Unfortunately Blue and I had to part she is now back at the store..well probably in the garbage somewhere,she had me completely googoogaga over her. As of right now I still haven't found her replacement...guess there is such a thing as irreplaceable.

Dress:Online/ Clutch:Forever 21/Shoes:Gifted

Remember He Makes Beautiful Things

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  1. Blue missed out! Grey did step up because you look fabulous!