Saturday, December 29, 2012

Smelling Roses

As I am reflecting on 2012 I am so thankful that God has truly taught me the importance of enjoying as Joyce Meyers would say “Everyday Life.” Sometimes we get so busy trying to succeed and reach our many goals that we forget to take the time to smell the roses along the way. More often than not I hear someone speak about regrets of not taking time to enjoy their family and simply the blessing of life until its too late. Life is fragile tremendous gift that each moment should be treasured. So here are some of the journeys that I am currently enjoying.

Spiritual Journey: God is so amazing that no matter how close or how long you’ve been serving him, you can never know him enough and there will always be room to grow. There are still many areas in my life that He challenges me to surrender completely to him and He is shaping and transforming me daily. So while I am not where I want to be I am so thankful that I’m not who I was.

Health Journey: This year has been the year that I discovered green juices/smoothies. I can personally say that I have reaped major benefits. However, I have not been consistent but I’m still thankful for new knowledge and that making healthy choices has always been a lifestyle for me.

Hair Journey: I learned about hair care a few years ago but I think this year was really the turning point for me. I went through all the frustrating points, I was a product junkie, jumped on every bandwagon etc. but thankfully that is over and at the end of the day it really is just hair. I refuse to allow my hair to become a frustration. In the meantime I’m enjoying the health of where it is now not solely focused on where I want it to be.

Whatever journey you’re on I hope that you will take the time to smell your roses. Celebrate your small victories whether you moved from a size twenty to size eighteen, furthering your education, becoming debt free, etc. What are some victories you celebrated for 2012?
Remember where there is life there is always hope:)

He Makes Beautiful Things,


  1. I love women who takes an initiative to empower others. i love your blog. A positive thought shared ca change many negative thoughts.

    Keep sharing your thoughts!