Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My trip to Napa Valley

Part of living the "Cultivated Chic" life is making time to do what you love. If you can't do the things you love all of the time, do it some of the time. As I said in the "About Me" section, I am not a homebody. I enjoy going out, visiting new places and connecting with people. It's funny, because all the personality tests that I've taken say that I am an introvert. I call myself a social introvert.  I truly enjoy socializing and social activities so long as I have sufficient "me time."

Last weekend I visited my friend in San Francisco and she along with her friends took me to Napa Valley. Since I moved to L.A., I've been having a blast exploring the city and have been looking forward to exploring other areas in California.

In two words Napa Valley is breathtakingly beautiful.  It is the second place I'e visited in the United States where I've exclaimed "I want to get married here," (the first place was Martha's Vineyard). It's so picturesque. The place is literally God's masterpiece.

I had a blast in Napa. Here are some photos from my trip:

We visited two wineries at Napa, we first visited The Black Stallion where we enjoyed red and white wines

Next we visited Domaine Chandon, this winery is a champagne lover's dream

Napa Art

I had a fantastic time!


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