Sunday, May 19, 2013

What to Wear to a Friend's Wedding

Wedding season is here, and you've been invited to a wedding, or two, or three. You are not in the wedding party so your outfit hasn't been chosen for you,  so you look in your closet and that you have nothing to wear. So you wonder, what do I wear to my friend or family member's wedding this wedding season Here are few fab suggestions for you.

1. Pleated Maxi Dress
A pleated Maxi dress is a classy and always appropriate option for a wedding. A dress of many colors like the one pictured below or a dress in a bright color will be perfect for this wedding season.

You can also opt for a pleated skirt and a nice blouse in lieu of a dress. 

2. Cropped Pants
Cropped pants are a hit for Spring/Summer 2013. You cannot go wrong with them. Simply pair the pants with a nice blouse, heels and beautiful accessories.

3. Feminine Shift Dress
Is always a classic option. Pair with a great pair of heels and nice simple accessories and you're ready to go.


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