Saturday, February 9, 2013

Just Drink: Healthy Eating

Ok Chicstars, go back a few moments in time with me... I was in the sixth grade in the cafeteria. I remember my friends and I getting our lunch and for the first time I really took notice of the three types of milk being offered: whole, 2%, and fat free. Immediately I turned to my friend and said excitedly "we should drink the fat free milk because I'm sure it's better for us!" Lol ever since then I always find myself giving advice and tips. Wellness is a passion of mine, I can spend hours researching, reading, and discussing health related topics. I have never been motivated by weight because thankfully it has never been something I've had to worry about, other than the few years in middle & high school where I just felt skinny, tall, & lanky... Thank God that passed however, just as I feel that inner beauty is so much more precious than physical appearance I always strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle and educate myself because you can be the “right” size and be extremely unhealthy. I'll have many more posts on health but here are a few tips on what I think you should consider when it comes to your drinking habits.

  • Read your ingredients...if you do not recognize the contents DON’T drink it until you research it

  • Incorporate green smoothies and fresh juices in your diet

  • Avoid all drinks containing high fructose corn syrup

  • Cut back, if you drink six cans of soda per week cut it in half and start drinking only three

  • Always chsose 100 % juice

  • The most important tip I can give you is drink more water, I know this is redundant but it is absolutely a move that will have you seeing a tremendous difference in the way you feel and your overall health the fastest. By all means get addicted to water and make it your best friend;) just drink!

Here are some great resources that will help you as you make healthier choices cheers!

He Makes Beautiful Things,


  1. Girl when I drink a lot of water my skin looks sexy and glowy. Even my makeup goes on better.

  2. I completely skin is a dry mess when I'm dehydrated lol