Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Intentional Acts of Kindness

I would love to say that I do random acts of kindness on a daily basis. However, it doesn't happen often enough so I endeavor to start planning ways to show the heart of God. The great thing about kindness is that it can be shown and given in many different forms. There are tremendous opportunities all around us every day that we can fill to uplift someone. No matter our financial standing everyone can serve. Here are a few suggestions.

1. Putting aside one day each week to volunteer at a local community center, food bank, etc.

2. Look around your neighborhood and find out if there is a family that could use some help (babysitting, making/buying dinner)

3. At your church is there an elderly person you can minister to by volunteering to go to the supermarket for or cleaning their house

4. Just lending a listening ear, I know of a mom with two kids who was feeling A bit overwhelmed she just told me she needed another female to speak to just to unwind...maybe you can fill that gap

5. I know that some of us may be going through a really busy/ financially stressful season but even then you can put away $20.00 a month to donate to a charity of your choosing or to someone you know that is in need. Maybe it is a sacrifice of eating out one day less a week, one less pair of shoe, one less coffee, etc

6. Appreciating those providing a service for you ex: baggers at the grocery stores, leaving a tip for housekeeping at a hotel, etc.

There are so many ways we can give a little more of ourselves, when we do we are more grateful and fulfilled individuals. Let’s be his hands, feet, eyes, and ears. What are some intentional acts of kindness you are doing or preparing to do? 

Here are some organizations you can make a difference in:
Give A Beautiful Gift 
Safe Haven For Kids 
Lets Puts A Stop To Human Trafficking
Doing The Most Good
Feel free to add any organization/charities your involved in

He Makes Beautiful Things,


  1. I am a giver but I met my match (and then some) when I met my husband. He would literally give the shirt off his back to help someone.

    We have a monthly giving fund to help those we come across that may need a helping hand.

    Great ideas!!


  2. I love your idea of a monthly giving fund Karen!

  3. It's always important as children of God to give selflessly of ourself. And let our life's work represent the Goodness of God.